Picture of hernia mesh used in surgeries


Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Continue to Mount

Thousands of people have filed hernia mesh lawsuits seeking compensation for serious complications and side effects related to their hernia mesh implant.  Hernia mesh complications and side effects include chronic or intermittent pain, mesh movement or migration, attaching to nearby bowels or organs, shrinkage and disintegration, infection, bowel obstruction, hernia recurrence, protrusion or perforation, and additional surgeries.  …. Read More

Florida Woman Files Lawsuit over Ethicon Physiomesh Complications

In a new product liability lawsuit filed against Ethicon, a Florida woman alleges that the company’s hernia repair product Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh is defective and poses an unreasonable risk of severe adverse reactions among patients. The plaintiff experienced painful complications with the Physiomesh used in a hernia repair, including the need for revision surgery. …. Read More

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